Wednesday , April 24 2024

Allowing Transactions in Logical Standby

In today’s article we will talk about Allowing Transactions in Logical Standby.

When Logical Standby Database is installed, no user other than SYS can WRITE even if they have dba authority. They require authorization to do so. This authority is given as follows.

1.We are questioning the GUARD status of the database.

ALL: Except for SYS, no user can WRITE any object.
STANDBY: Operation on any object processed by SQL APPLY processes is not allowed.
NONE: There is normal security. Whoever has the authority to act does it.

2. We grant the DBA authorization to the user.

3. The user tries to delete a row in the table.

4. We pull the GUARD status to STANDBY.

5. The GUARD status is set to NONE to ensure that the transaction is completed.




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