Saturday , September 23 2023

Data Guard Broker – Disabling and Enabling Apply Services

In today’s article, I will be talking about Data Guard Broker – Disabling and Enabling Apply Services.

As we know, we perform Redo-Apply operations in Physical and Logical Standby Databases with the following commands.

We do these transactions with the broker as follows.

1. We stop Redo-Apply in Physical Standby Database.

[Standby-2]—> ALERT LOG

[Standby-1]—->ALERT LOG

2. We check whether it is stopped from the broker.

3. Query all DBs before a table is DROPed to check if Redo-Apply has stopped.

4. We DROP the table and query it from Standby DB’s.

5. When we see that the table is not deleted, we also check the APPLY LAG.

6. We start Redo-Apply again.

7. We check if the table has been deleted.




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