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EDB Failover Manager

In today’s article, I will give you information about EDB Failover Manager.

EDB Failover Manager (EFM) is a high-availability module of EnterpriseDB that allows a Postgres primary node to automatically fail over to a standby node in the event of a software or hardware failure in the primary system.

EDB Failover Manager;

High availability: Let us detect problems quickly and automatically.

To reduce our risk of data loss.

Easily access information about the cluster.


An EDB Postgres Failover Manager (EFM) cluster consists of Failover Manager processes located on the following hosts in a network:

Primary node:

It is the primary database server serving database clients.

Standby nodes (One or more):

It is a streaming replication server associated with the primary node.

Witness node:

In case of an error in the primary node, it converts the standby database to the primary database.

If the cluster contains three or more nodes, the cluster does not need a witness node. A cluster can contain multiple witness nodes.

Traditionally, a cluster is a single instance of Postgres that manages multiple databases.

In this document, the term cluster refers to a Failover Manager cluster.

A Failover Manager cluster consists of a Primary, one or more Standby, and an optional Witness node located on servers in a cloud or a traditional network and communicating using the JGroups toolkit.

I hope that will be useful. In my next article, I will talk about installing EDB Failover Manager.



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