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Oracle Database Import And Export

In today’s article, I will explain How to do Oracle Database Import And Export 11G-10G(From Upper Versions to Lower Versions).

With the Export tool, we can import the dump files we created in Oracle lower versions to all upper Oracle versions without any problems.

However, there are some restrictions on importing dump files exported from higher versions to lower versions.

In order to obtain a subversion compatible dump file,

we need to follow the steps below.

When using Data Pump export, use the current version’s datapump export tool,

but point to the old version of the target database in the VERSION parameter.

If the export tool is to be used, install the export tool in the version compatible with the target database in the database where the export will be made and create the dump file using this export (exp) tool.

Next, import the dump file with the original import tool at the destination.

For example; You cannot import a dump file exported with the export tool of Oracle 10g database with the import tool on Oracle 9i.

In this case, it is necessary to install the Oracle 9i compatible exp tool on the Oracle 10g database and export with this tool.

Below is the VERSION information to be used in export/import operations from upper versions to lower versions.

In the export operation to be made from any upper version in the table above to a compatible lower version,

we must first run the CATEXP.

SQL script in the upper version database to be exported.

This script must be copied from the lower version database in the target to the upper version database where we will export.

After this script is run, we can export with the expdp tool.


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