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SQL Server Telemetry \ CEIP Services

In today’s article we will talk about SQL Server Telemetry \ CEIP Services.

CEIP (Customer Experience Improvement Program) is a thing of the past and almost every supplier is running it to collect product usage data, problems encountered and other information.

Every supplier has a Customer Experience Improvement Program – CEIP – to collect product usage data, issues encountered, and other information. Basically, it is a well-known and used method.

Before SQL Server 2016, you could choose whether to participate in CEIP at the installation stage, but with the data and data management becoming more important, you join CEIP by default after SQL Server 2016, and if your server can access the internet, the data collected here is sent to the developer via CEIP. forwards it to the team.

By the way, while talking about the CEIP incident, I would like to inform you that this is not a bad situation.

It is certain to give Microsoft the ability to collect “useful” data in the development of the processes I have outlined below and to maximize the impact on future developments.

Incident Management

Alert management (proactive approach)

Automatic management via bots (based on alerts)

Machine learning / data science

Exploring potential new features that can benefit maximum customers

Microsoft implements and uses the CEIP event differently for multiple products it develops. If you want to opt out and disable CEIP, you can run the powershell script below.

If you want to perform the operation performed with the above script manually, you can follow the steps below.

First of all, stop the services that pass CEIP you see in services.msc.

Then, make sure that the following records are changed via regedit, depending on the installed SQL Server features.



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