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How To Register Listener In Oracle

Can we record incoming transactions through Listener? Yes, another feature of the listener service is that it can record the transactions made on it. So How to Register Listener in Oracle.

For this, we can generate two types of log records. These are ” Listener Log ” and ” Trace Log ”

For these log records we will use configuration parameters such as trc_directory, trc_level, log_file, log_directory and log_status.

Recording the Listener service is especially used for trial and error users, and Trace is generally used for debugging.

When there is a connection problem, it writes detailed information about the connection to the relevant file. But I must say that it is necessary to be careful while using it.

We may encounter unexpected pauses because it will produce a serious record, and the disk will fill up with this feature turned on.

We follow the below mentioned steps for configuration requirements:

First we will set the location of the Registry directory.

We will give the name for our log file

We will set the log_status status to on.

We will save the changes.

You can use the following parameters for the trace recording feature.

To turn it off, we can set the “Trace level” value to “OFF” instead of deleting the parameters.


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