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Command To Monitor CPU Usage In Linux

In today’s article we will learn what we can do with Command To Monitor CPU Usage In Linux.

There may be times when the operating system manages or a database manager has a problem with the cpu, or there may be times when information about the cpu should be collected.

Therefore, you can collect the necessary information for the CPU with the help of the following commands.

With cpuinfo, you can learn cpu model, mhz, cache size and more.

With the help of the lscpu command, you can learn detailed information such as CPU min MHz, CPU maxMHz, L2 cache, L1 cache, in addition to those found in cpuinfo.

With the cpuid command, you can find more detailed cpu-related information than the lscpu and cpuinfo commands.

If you are going to use it for the first time, you need to install it as follows.

After installing, you can run it as follows.


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