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Recover Drop, Truncate Or Deleted Table With Flashback

In this article, I will talk about how to recover accidentally drop, truncate or deleted table in Production database by using flashback in standby database.

First of all, we enable the flashback mode of the standby database.

We stop the Apply process.

The restore point is created.

Sending archives from the primary database to standby is stopped.

Flashback returns the table before it was dropped, truncated or deleted.

We open the standby database in read only mode.

After the database is opened in read-only mode, the table can be transferred to the Production environment with two methods.

1.Export — Import

We export the table.

After copying the Dump file to the Production environment, we import the table.

2. DBLink

By connecting the Production database to the Standby database with DBLink, we recover the table related to the CTAS method.

After the table is recovered, the Standby database is closed, opened in mount mode, and the restored point created is returned.

We start the process of sending archives from the Production database to the Standby database.

We close the flashback, start the apply process in the Standby database and drop the restore point created.


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