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Database Administrator Job Description

Database Administrator (DBA) is the person or persons responsible for the control, maintenance, coordination and operation of the database management system.

It is primarily responsible for the management, security and maintenance of the database system.

They are responsible for monitoring authorization, coordination, capacity, planning, installation and usage of users or accounts that will access the database, and acquiring software and hardware resources when necessary.

Their roles also differ from configuration, database design, versioning or version migration, security, troubleshooting, backup and data recovery.

Database management is the main and key function in any firm or organization that relies on one or more databases.

They are the general commanders of the database system.

Database Manager Definitions include:

According to the definition of The Global Data Management Community (DAMA), “A database manager that provides assurance on the accuracy and consistency of data throughout the entire lifecycle of the database. Responsible for all database changes.”

According to CareerExplorer, it is “someone who uses software to store and organize data such as financial information and customer shipping records. It is someone who makes sure that data is accessible to users and is safe from unauthorized access.”

According to Forbes, “A person with a degree in computer science or information technology who establishes databases and then maintains and secures them.”

According to me, “Database Administrator is the person or persons who manage the bedroom of a company or organization. Would you allow anyone to enter, use, or tamper with your bedroom?”

Based on the definitions above, the database manager is perhaps the most important building block whose awareness is realized later in all environments where data exists.

Because data is the oil of our present and future. The person or people who manage this oil are the ones who should be in the most critical position for the management of the process.

Being honest and reliable is the heart of the human body, together with its most important quality.

It is the person who collects and hosts data on the running operating system, ensuring that it is reliable, highly accessible, and centralized.

It is useful to know that it contains more quality and quantity than the known “select * from” in such an important field.

Data management, which is included in the definition, includes the analysis, classification and maintenance of data and data relationships.

Although data management and database management are separate functions, both are typically combined in a single department and are often performed by the same people.

However, “data” management deals with modeling data and treats data as an organizational resource, while “database” management deals with the implementation of the types of databases in use.

The person performing the “data” management functions is a “database analyst” or “data manager”, the latter being an earlier title for the job.

The person who makes the technical design and management of the database is the “database administrator”. It has a complex and colorful structure due to the diversity of data.

Therefore, perhaps data management or database management is an enjoyable profession according to many fields.

Of course, knowing Structured Query Language (SQL) is a must. But SQL is not just about select / insert / update and delete. This should not be forgotten either.


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