Friday , June 21 2024

How To Activate Cockpit Web Console On Redhat 8

In today’s article, we will cover about how we can Activate the Redhat 8 Cockpit Web Console to speed up our work.

It is an interface where we can control our Redhat 8 cockpit server through the browser.


In order to use and install the repositories in Redhat 8 Enterprise, we need to have the Redhat Subscription service.

We load our service by opening a terminal on our server or by connecting to our server with an editor such as putty.

yum install cockpit

We set the firewall ports.

firewall-cmd –add-service=cockpit && firewall-cmd –add-service=cockpit –permanent

We activate the Cockpit service.

systemctl enable –now cockpit.socket

The service will use port 9090, we provide control.

ss -tulpn | grep :9090

Our service is running. I’m testing by opening my browser. You can use the following address as the address.


We have successfully logged in.

With the Redhat 8 Cockpit Web Console, you can quickly do many tasks on your server with the help of the mouse, and use the Terminal in the menu for the remaining parts.


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