Sunday , March 3 2024

Partition Table Export And Import

In today’s article, I will be explaining how to do Partition Table Export AND Import in 3 steps.

1. We export the PARTITIONED TABLE, which will be sent to the database to be replicated Goldengate, as follows.

I do not import other database objects such as TRIGGER here because I do not want it, but it may or may not be imported when necessary.

2. At this stage, under normal circumstances, I had to move the DUMP file from the PRODUCTION database to the REPORTING database, but I added a NAS information that both of them would see and I got rid of the trouble of sending files with SCP.

3. Now I IMPORT the data with PARTITION_OPTIONS as below. It shows one error below, but that doesn’t matter. This is an error with a non-existent ROLE. This role is not required for my database anyway.



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