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PostgreSQL Arithmetic Operators

In PostgreSQL, we can easily perform operations such as addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, square root or factorial between numbers or two columns.

Operator Icons

Let’s make an example using some operators:

Addition: We can also do the addition by adding the numbers we specified or by adding the columns of integer data type.

The vize and final columns in our student table have integer data type, let’s collect them.

In the example above, we collected the vize and final grades of 3 students and saw which student they belonged to, but how would we do it if we wanted 40% of the vize to take 70% of the final and say the total passing grade?

Let’s do this together.

In the example above, we first multiplied the values in the vize by 0.40 and got 40%, then we multiplied the final column by 0.70 to get 70% and summed the result from the two columns.

We found the factorial value of the value specified in the above example.


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