Monday , May 20 2024

Oracle Database 19C Patch Apply

In today’s article, we will explain how to pass the Release Update patch for Oracle Database 19C running Standalone.

You can download this patch number 30125133 from your Oracle Support account.

To give some information about this patch;

This version update includes and all previous 19C database patches. Oracle Database 19C must be installed to install this patch.

Oracle Rac Rolling Installable is a patch.

You can use this patch for Datagaurd.

You must use OPatch version or later to apply this patch. You can download it from My Oracle Support patch 6880880. I recommend using the OPatch version for the latest 19c.

Before patching, I recommend not having an INVALID object.

Listener and Instance must be closed before patching. I will also explain for those who use RAC.

In addition to the general information, this patch that we will install needs to be checked whether it conflicts with the previously installed patches. Let’s check in the light of this information.

Our opatch version meets the requirements. Now we manually check if we have a problem with previous patches.

No problem appears. Now we can move on to the database update.

Additionally, if we are using Rman Recovery Manager, a Catalog upgrade is required.

Now we are doing the patch check.

We reconfirmed that the patch was successfully passed.


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