Monday , April 22 2024

What Is Oracle Control File

In today’s article, I will be explaining what is Oracle Control File, its place in the operating system, how to back it up and what is kept.

Control File,

The name of our database,

Names and locations of Data Files,

Names and locations of online redo log files,

Sequence number of the online redo log file in use,

Checkpoint information,

If the database is in archive mode and backup is taken, the names and locations of the RMAN backup files,

It is a small binary file that stores the sequence numbers of the archive log files required for successful recovery of the backup.

Its extension is *.ctl. We can see where these files are in the operating system with the following command.

Control file content can only be viewed properly when backed up as a trace file. Trace file can also be backed up as follows.

1. SID information of the user logged into the database is learned.

2. We can back up the content of Control File as a trace file with the following command.,

3. To find which trace file the backup is in, we run the following command.

4. The contents of the trace file are opened with the vi text editor.

You can find out what is kept in the Control File by querying the v$controlfile_record_section view. In the v$controlfile view, the names and locations of our control files can be seen.

While opening the database, we can learn where and what the control files are, according to the control_files parameter registered in the spfile or pfile parameter file in the NOMOUNT step.

If it cannot find even one of the control files in the specified names or places, it cannot proceed to the MOUNT step and an error is received.

This can be seen with the test below.

1. The names and locations of Control Files are learned from the Pfile parameter file.

Or run the command below while on the SQL prompt.

2. Change the name of one of the Control Files.

3. The database is closed.

4. The database opens.



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