Vlf(Virtual Log File) Count

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What is MVCC(Multi Version Concurrency Control) On PostgreSQL

  Before reading this article, I would recommend you to reading article titled “Introduction to PostgreSQL“. What is MVCC? MVCC is the method used to ensure data consistency when multiple processes access the same table at the same time. When multiple operations are performed on the same table, MVCC is used to protect data integrity. […]
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Introduction to PostgreSQL

  I am writing this article because it is a guide for beginners and Introduction to The article will start at the most basic Before I get started to this article, I want to share something that PostgreSQL experts consider very In PostgreSQL, never say Postgre. When you say Postgre, you can not even answer […]
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How To Delete The Transaction Log File On SQL Server

  Sometimes we can create a second log file on another disk as a workaround because the log file is full. If we do not delete these temporary log files over time, the log file count will increase. When we have space on the disk where the first log file is located, or when we […]
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How To Add The Oracle Database To The Cloud Control

  Oracle databases need to be added to oracle cloud control as a target in order to be able to monitor and manage them through Oracle Cloud Control. I will explain how to add the oracle database to the oracle cloud control in this article.   Add Target: First we are connecting to the Oracle […]
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How To Give a Super Admin Permission To a User On Oracle Cloud Control

  In this article, we will see how to give super admin permission to a users to track and manage all Cluster Resources on Oracle Cloud Control.   Choosing User on Oracle Cloud Control: After connecting to the cloud control, we choose Setup-> Security-> Administratos from the upper right corner of the screen as follows. […]
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How To Shrink SQL Server Data File

  I wanted to write this article because it has been mentioned in the topic “How To Shrink SQL Server Transaction Log” and there are some inconveniences in shrinking the data file. Yes data files can be shrinked. But if you shrink your data files, the index fragmantation in these files will grow very high. […]