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MySQL Basic Administration Commands


If you are beginner then this post will help you to monitor the mysql server.

Here I am listing some most commonly used MySQL administration commands.

  • How to login into the Mysql

> mysql -u root -p

  • Check the number and list of databases.

> show databases;

  • Check the current database in which you logged in.

> select DATABASE();

  • Check the numbers and list of tables in database.

> show tables;

  • Check the database  in which currently we are working.


  • Check the numbers,list of engines and  details of engines.

> show engines;

  • Check the detailed information about the tables in particular database.

> show tables status;

  • Assign the Engine to the table.

  • Check processes which is currently active or running on machine.

> show processlist;

  • How to check the particular variables.

> show variables like ‘%gen%’;

Note:- You can use single quote ‘ ‘ instead of ” “ on windows environment on linux system you should use  single quote ‘  ‘  only.

  • Change the values of the variables.

> set global general_log=’OFF’;

  • Check the version of the MySQL sever.

> show global variables like ‘%version%’;

  • Show the detailed information about the version, connection,current database etc.

> status;

How to do MySQL binary installation.

Click here :-


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