ORA-12546 TNS:permission denied TNS-12546: TNS:permission denied


When creating an Oracle database in Windows operating system:

ORA-12546 TNS: permission denied
ORA-12560 TNS protocol adpater error
ORA-516 Permission denied
From SQL * Net trace:
nladtrm: exit
nscall: error exit
nioqper: error from nscall
nioqper: nr err code: 0
nioqper: ns main err code: 12546
nioqper: ns (2) err code: 12560
nioqper: nt main err code: 516

or when the listener receives a new connection request:

(HOUR = XYZYY) (USER = yyyyyy))) (CONNECT_DATA = (SERVER = DEDICATED) (SERVICE_NAME = XXXX) (INSTANCE_NAME = XXXX) (CID = (PROGRAM = aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa) (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = tcp) (HOST = XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX) (PORT = 3860)) * establish * XXXX * 12500
TNS-12500: TNS: listener failed to start a dedicated server process
TNS-12546: TNS: permission denied
TNS-12560: TNS: protocol adapter error
TNS-00516: Permission denied
32-bit Windows Error: 5: Input / output error



This error is caused by the incompatible operating system and the Oracle software version.

This error can be detected when running 32 bit oracle database on 64 bit windows operating system.



Oracle 32 bit database can be run on 32 bit windows operating system.
The Oracle 64 bit database can be run on 64 bit windows operating system.

You can download and install the appropriate Oracle database version for your operating system.

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