Sunday , June 16 2024

ORA-13716: Diagnostic Package License is needed for using this feature


You can get the below error when you run the ADDR AWR report in the Oracle Standard edition database.

“ORA-13716: Diagnostic Package License is required for using this feature.”

The control_management_pack_access parameter is changed with the help of the following command. The default value is NONE.

If the problem is still not resolved, apply patch 8730312.


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One comment

  1. Does this imply license costs? And how much? Does one need an enterprise edition?
    As of my experience, Oracle accepts well that admins or developers activate license options.
    And invoices the license costs after next license audit.
    I.e. I do not see a legal problem with “just changing control_management_pack_access parameter” but rather financial ones.

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