Thursday , September 28 2023

How To Recreate Exadata Flashdisk and Flashcache


You can drop and re-create flash disks and flash cache on Exadata cellnodes online.

You will need this process if the flash cache is not in the normal state after the flash modules have changed. T

he status of flash disks may not be normal after flash module replacement.

To view the status of Flash disks;


To query the Flash cache status;

If the flash cahce status as above is not normal, you will need to drop and re-create it. You can follow the steps below.


Drop Operations

First we drop the flash cache.


Then drop the flash log.


Finally, we drop the flash disks. We need to drop with force option.


Create Operations

First, we create flash disks.


Then we create the flash log;


Then we create the flash cache;


Now, we need to see the Flash cache status as normal.


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