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Make Sure that Database Mail is running in SQL Server(Failsafe Operator)


Before reading this article, I recommend that you read the articles¬† “How To Configure Database Mail on SQL Server” and “How to Create an Operator on SQL Server“. Briefly, you can send e-mail the problems related sql server to dba group using Database Mail and Operators.

Configurations related to Database Mail and Operators are performed under SQL Server Agent. The definitions of the operators are in the tables in the msdb database.

If the sql server agent cannot access the msdb database, it will not be able to retrieve operator definitions and will not be able to send e-mails to the dba group.

The FailSafe Operator comes into play here. Even if there is a problem with SQL Server itself, failsafe operators are accessible in the registery and can access this information.

How can we activate Failsafe operator?

Right-click SQL Server Agent and click properties.

On the next screen, we click the Alert System on the left and click the Enable fail-safe operator from the Fail-safe operator section that you see on the bottom.

We are also choosing the operator that will work for fail safe operation. Finally, we choose E-mail from Nofity using and click on ok to complete our process.


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