Sunday , September 24 2023

Fixed Server Level Roles in SQL Server


These roles are the default server level roles at the instance level. You can find the brief description about these roles below.

sysadmin sysadmins is the most authoritative user at Instance level. They can do everything.
serveradmin serveradmins can change configuration at Instance level and turn off instance.
securityadmin Security admins can manage the logins and reset their passwords, run “grant, deny, and revoke” commands at the instance level. They can also run “grant, deny, and revoke” commands on databases they have access to.
processadmin processadmins can shut down a process on the instance.
setupadmin setupadmins can create and drop linked server using TSQL.
bulkadmin bulkadmins can run “BULK INSERT” command.
dbcreator dbcreators can create or restore databases, and modify and drop existing database.
public Even if no privileges are granted to each login created, it is the default privilege granted initially.

Apart from these roles, you can create server level roles. You can use the following article.

“How To Create a Server Level Role in SQL Server”


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