Saturday , September 23 2023

ORA-39014, ORA-39029, ORA-31671 and ORA-00600 errors in 12c expdp/impdp operations


In the 12c databases, ORA-39014 ORA-39029 ORA-31671 and ORA-00600 errors can be received during expdp or impdp operation.

In such a case, existing processes are terminated and errors similar to the following will appear in the alert log file.

“DW00 terminating with fatal err=600”

The possible errors in export and import are as follows.

To solve the problem, the value of the open_cursors parameter should be increased and the value of the parameter “_optimizer_cost_based_transformation” should be set to off.

After the parameter change, the operations will be completed successfully.


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  1. Thanks a lot ……. it greatly helps me.

    I faced this while migration from to PDB database , while at the time of importing into 12.1.

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