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What is Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA)

The Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA) is a tool provided by Oracle that collects data about your database environment and reports it as a web page.

RDA output is usually requested when you open a call via Oracle Support. This will allow the support analyst to review many information about your system.

By running RDA in a new database, it is possible to reach a lot of information about that database without asking anyone.

The current version of the RDA tool can be found in the links in the document “Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA) – Getting Started (Doc ID 314422.1)” in Oracle Support.

Download the zip file according to your system’s operating system as described in this document and open it in any directory. Then, run the following commands.

Then you need to run the file for Linux systems. After running, it will ask a number of questions, then begin analysis. You will need to enter “sys” when the database user is asked. It writes “system” by default. Be careful about this.

If you are in the Exadata environment, it can also analyze all cellnodes. If you know the password of the celladmin, it can connect to all cellnodes.

You can run it in Linux environment as follows. In Windows environment, rda.cmd should be used.

The process will be completed as above. You can then find the necessary information in the file “RDA_output_ {hostname} .zip” in the directory that you run the


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