Thursday , September 28 2023

Displaying Errors in Oracle Services With ADRCI

ADRCI (ADR Command Interpreter) can be used to display errors in services such as Oracle database, grid, asm, listener. In all ADRCI-defined homes, you can use the following script to display errors that occur up to a specific word and a specific time. For more information on ADRCI, see ADR Command Interpreter (ADRCI).

You can query ADRCI-defined homes as follows. Once ORACLE_HOME is set, and added to the PATH variable, the adrci can be run.

To display the errors, create a file named with the following commands.

Make the file executable.

While running;

  • The first parameter is the word to be searched.
  • The second parameter specifies how many hours to search.

For example, you can view ORA errors in all databases running on the server in the last 24 hours as follows.

Or, you can view the connection requests from a specified ip to the listener on the server in the last 10 hours as follows.


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