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What is SQL Server IntelliSense

IntelliSense was introduced with SQL Server 2008. With this feature, we can now write TSQL Code in a more practical way.

So where can we use this IntelliSense feature?

ParameterInfo: When we want to use the variables we defined, we can see the list and types of variables defined as follows when we type @ sign.

Complete Word: When you type part of a variable name, command or function name and press tab, the sql server completes the rest automatically. For example, if you type @uz for the parameter @uzunbirdegiskenismi and press tab, it will automatically complete the rest.

Quick Info: When we move the mouse over a variable in the code, it gives information about that variable.

Automatic Matching of Syntax Pairs: When writing code in TSQL, when we use “(, BEGIN, BEGIN CATCH ve BEGIN TRY” delimiters, when we close these delimiters with “), END END CATCH ve END TRY”, SQL Server mark the start and end delimiters as follows to write code easily.

IntelliSense is enabled by default. But if you need to enable it, go to Tools-> Options anc select Enable IntelliSense.


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