Monday , April 22 2024

Profile password verify function issue(FROM ROOT)

Even if the password_verify_function limit of a profile is changed in Oracle databases, it does not change as requested and changes to “FROM ROOT”. The reason for this problem is that the FLAGS value in the “profname$” data dictionary is 1 for that profile. When this value is updated to 0, the profile limit can be changed without any problems.

When you want to change the profile limit as follows, the value appears as FROM ROOT.

When the relevant profile limit is checked, it will appear as FROM ROOT.

When we check the flags value of the related profile, it is seen that it is 1.

If the flags of the profile are updated as follows, the problem will be resolved.

We need to see it updated when we check again.

Then, when we alter the profile again, the limit will change successfully.

When we check the profile, we can see it changed.


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