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Disabling Diagsnap Error “LoggerD Error connecting with node X”

When you want to disable the diagsnap feature that introduced with Oracle 12c Grid Infrastructure, ologgerd causes an error like “LoggerD –> Error connecting with node”

In the above error, when we try to disable from the exadb01 server, the service “ora.crf” on the exadb02 server cannot be accessed. In this case, the “ora.crf” service on the exadb02 server must be restarted. If this does not work, the CRS services must be restarted.

Restart ora.crf service:(Must be run on the corresponding node)

Restart crs services:

If this does not work, you must restart the crs services on the node as follows.

Disable Diagsnap

The diagsnap can then be disabled without problems.


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