Live Query Statistics in SQL Server

What is Live Query Statistics

Live Query Statistics is a feature that we can use with SQL Server 2016 Management Studio. But we can use Live Query Statistics for SQL Server 2014 databases.

How To Get Execution Plan in SQL Server

Previously, we could obtain the Execution Plan in two ways.

First Method: We could obtain the Estimated Execution Plan without running the query.
Second Method: We could obtain the Actual Execution Plan after the query was completed.

You can find the details in the article “What is Execution Plan On SQL Server“.

With Live Query Statistics, we can get the execution plan before the query is completed at run time.

While the query is running, we can see which operator is performing the operation live. At the operator level, we can see the number of lines and the running time live.

I think it’ll help us, especially when we’re analyzing problematic queries. And it’s really nice to see the Execution plan go live. 🙂

Include Live Query Statistics

We need to select Include Live Query Statistics before running the query as follows.

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