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Pluggable Database Creation Methods and Tools

There are various methods and different tools for creating a pluggable database within a container database (CDB). The methods and tools to create a pluggable database (PDB) are as follows.

Pluggable Database Create Methods

  • Create PDB using Seed database.
  • Creating a PDB from a non-container database: With the DBMS_PDB package, an unplugged database can be created from a non-container database, and then this unplugged database can be plugged into any CDB.
  • Clone an existing PDB or a non-CDB database.
  • Plug an unplugged PDB into a different CDB.
  • Relocate a PDB to a different CDB: With this method, files of a PDB are copied to a different location.
  • Creating a PDB as a proxy PDB: Create a proxy PDB that represents the PDB on the same CDB or on a different CDB with the database link.

PDB creation tools

  • SQL * Plus
  • SQL Developer
  • Enterprise Manager Cloud Control
  • Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA): From the seed database or with the unplug/plug method.
  • Enterprise Manager Database Express 12c


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