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PL/SQL Tutorial

This article is an index of PL/SQL Tutorial. You can find almost everything for beginners in this article and in related articles about PL/SQL. If you are searching pl sql training online free, you are in the right article.

In addition to this article, you may want to read below articles to comprehend everything about Oracle PL/SQL, Oracle Date Functions, Oracle String Functions and Oracle Numeric/Math Functions.

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Oracle String Functions,

Oracle Numeric/Math Functions

PL/SQL Lessons

  1. What is PL/SQL
  2. Oracle PL/SQL Data Types and Variables and Literals
  3. Oracle PL/SQL Operators
  4. Oracle PL/SQL Conditional Statements
  5. Oracle PL/SQL Loops
  6. Oracle PL/SQL Procedures and Procedure Parameters
  7. Oracle PL/SQL Functions
  8. Oracle PL/SQL Cursor
  9. Oracle PL/SQL Records
  10. Oracle PL/SQL Exception
  11. Oracle PL/SQL Trigger
  12. Oracle PL/SQL Packages
  13. Oracle PL/SQL Collections


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