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What is PL/SQL

What is PL SQL and what is it used for?

PL/SQL(Procedural Language extensions to SQL) is basically a programming language ​​in Oracle database. PL/SQL allows to use structures such as if, loop, while, function, and procedure in programming languages.

Many databases use the data query language called SQL. However, advanced database management systems such as Oracle, SQL Server meet the features in various programming languages ​​with additional languages ​​to use SQL language flexibly.

SQL Server meets this need with T-SQL and Oracle meets this need with PL/SQL.

The main feature of these languages ​​is that they allow the use of variables, conditional expressions, loops, functions and procedures.

Thanks to these features, operations such as inserting data and processing on data are made easier.

In fact, these operations can be done by programming languages ​​by connecting to the database.

However, since languages ​​such as T-SQL, PL/SQL are included in the database and compiled beforehand, it enables faster processing.

PL/SQL Structure

In many sources you can see that the PL/SQL language is passed as a block-based language.

This is because the commands written are in blocks.

The PL/SQL structure is as follows.

The DECLARE keyword in the PL/SQL structure is the part where the variables to be used in the PL/SQL commands are defined and it is not mandatory.

BEGIN and END is the part where SQL and PL/SQL commands will be run and it is mandatory to use.

The part determined by the EXCEPTION keyword is the area used to find and manage errors in SQL or PL/SQL commands and it is not mandatory.

What is pl/sql used for?

PL/SQL can be used after Oracle installation, there is no need for an additional installation.

PL/SQL commands are used by writing in SQL Plus or SQL Developer tool in Oracle.

You can see the sample code that writes Hello Oracle on the screen.

You can see the sample code that writes Hello Oracle on the screen using variable.

NOTE: Oracle PL/SQL uses the syntax of Pascal and ADA languages.

You can find more detailed information about below topics in the below link.

PL/SQL Tutorial

You will find below topics in this article.

  1. What is PL/SQL
  2. Oracle PL/SQL Data Types and Variables and Literals
  3. Oracle PL/SQL Operators
  4. Oracle PL/SQL Conditional Statements
  5. Oracle PL/SQL Loops
  6. Oracle PL/SQL Procedures and Procedure Parameters
  7. Oracle PL/SQL Functions
  8. Oracle PL/SQL Cursor
  9. Oracle PL/SQL Records
  10. Oracle PL/SQL Exception
  11. Oracle PL/SQL Trigger
  12. Oracle PL/SQL Packages
  13. Oracle PL/SQL Collections

You can find more information about pl/sql at


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