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Oracle PL/SQL Packages

This article contains information about Oracle PL/SQL Packages, create , execute and drop packages and also predefined packages.

What is Package in Oracle PL/SQL?

Packages are a structure in which structures such as procedures and functions are gathered together.

Oracle packages definition consists of two parts: definition and body.

Create PACKAGE in Oracle PL/SQL

The keywords to be used when creating the package are as follows.

An example of creating a package with Oracle PL / SQL is as follows.

After making the necessary definitions for the package, the content of the structures such as procedure and function is written in the BODY section.

Execute PACKAGE in Oracle PL/SQL

We can access the package contents as follows.

For example, let’s run the MyLOOP procedure above.

Similarly, other objects in the package can be accessed.

The user_objects table is used to get information about the created packages.

The DESC keyword is used to get information about a package.


The DROP keyword is used to delete the package.

Predefined Oracle PL/SQL PACKAGES

There are packages created for various processes within Oracle.


This is the package used to display the data on the screen. You can find detailed information in the below link.

DBMS_PIPE in Oracle

This is the package used to process between sessions. You can find detailed information in the below link.

DBMS_LOCK in Oracle

This is the package in which user lock operations are performed. You can find detailed information in the below link.


This is the standard package used in PL/SQL commands.

For example; The RAISE_APPLICATION_ERROR function is included in the DBMS_STANDART package.

The reason for using the packages, as can be understood from the examples, is the collection of commands that do interrelated work.

The use of packages for commands where the same or interrelated operations are performed will be useful for regular development.

You can find more detailed information about below topics in the below link.

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You can find more information about packages at


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