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How To Install Kibana 7.9 on Centos 7/8

In this article we will install kibana 7.9 on centos 7 and its integration with elasticsearch. Before installing, you may not be able to integrate if your version of Kibana and Elasticsearch is not the same, so you need to be careful that the versions are the same.

if you didnt install elasticsearch you can install elasticsearch with the help of below article.

How To Install Elasticsearch 7.9 on Centos 7/8

We will continue by using the repo in the article I mentioned above.

Let’s install Kibana with the help of the command below.

Before starting the Kibana service, we need to establish the connection between elasticsearch and kibana.

First, we need to change the configuration file below.

Let’s explain the changed parameters above:

server.port: Kibana port. IP information of the server where Kibana will run.
elasticsearch.hosts: Elasticsearch ip, port information that Kibana will connect to.

After Elastic 6.0 we can use xpack for authentication instead of search guard. If you set true, this means that you will use xpack’s authentication when connecting elasticsearch. After this you must set passwords for specific users with below command.

You may need some configurations after installation. You can find necessary information in the below article.

How To Install Kibana On Centos

After changing the configurations, we start the service after enabling it.

After running the commands above, let’s check the status of the service as follows.

As can be seen in the service, our kibana service is working and its connection with elasticsearch has been successfully established.

if you specified localhost in Kibana.yml, you can connect via google chrome from ip \ port. if you specified ip in Kibana.yml you must replace with your ip.

Kibana is ready to use. If you enabled xpack in elasticsearch.yml kibana will ask you the elastic use and password.

See. “How To Install Elasticsearch on Centos


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