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4 Dec by dbtut

SAN Infrastructure of SQL Server Servers and the Story of a Query

  In this article, I will talk about how SQL Server writes data to storage and reads data from storage. I will also explain how to create the necessary infrastructure for faster reading and writing of data. Before you read this article, I suggest you read the article “Network Configuration of SQL Server Servers and […]
3 Dec by dbtut

What is RAID

  When choosing a RAID structure or designing storage, I strongly recommend that you do not stay away. These processes directly affect database performance. The storage specialist in your organization cannot know your read and write rate or what application needs more IO. So you need to give him some parameters when requesting the disk. […]
26 Nov by dbtut

Normalization Concept

  The concept of normalization was created by Edgar F. Codd, the founder of the relational database model. During the design of the tables, we can achieve performance improvement by using normalization at an appropriate level. However, data consistency and integrity are maintained. Normalization procedures consist of certain levels. It does not go to the […]
19 Oct by Isaac Nyame Oppong

High Availability Part I

  Unplanned outages are very expensive, and the cost of downtime is rising as almost all mission critical systems are fully automated. Industries like banking and finance, telecommunication systems, Transportation systems, airline reservation systems etc. have fully automated their end-to-end processes. The stakes are high in building robust applications to run these industries. To ensure […]
26 Aug by Prabhu Sundarraj Tags: , , , , , , , ,

Hadoop-3.1.0 Multi Node Connection and Configuration in easiest way

HADOOP MULTI NODE INSTALLATION PROCESS [ Note: I am creating multi node in most easiest way by creating and using everything in root mode on default users like (master, slave1, slave2…etc). Please don’t create any hadoop users like (hadoop, hduser, …etc) to configure and share hadoop installations. I am using root user in all machine […]