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How To View and Clean Hardware Faults on Exadata db node and cell node using Oracle ILOM cli

Hardware issues that occur in the Exadata db node and cell nodes need to be manually detected and cleaned in some cases. Even in temporary situations, the hardware fault light is on and a fault record is displayed when controlled via ilom.

It is possible to connect to the servers via SSH and to view and clear the related errors.

You can connect to the server from the ilom IP as follows.

Once we connect, we can display the current errors as follows.

When more than one error occurs , the existing errors will start as /SP/fultmgmt/1 , /SP/fultmgmt/2.

To resolve the error, we will use the component in the value column in the first row of errors. The component of the error mentioned above with “/SP/fultmgmt/0” is “/sys/MB/RISER1/PCIE4/F20CARD”. We can close the error in this component as follows.

When we check later, we will not see any errors.


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