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What is Kibana

Kibana is an excellent tool that we can manage and visualize the data stored on Elasticsearch. You can create dashboards using your elasticsearch data.

Can we use Kibana without Elasticsearch?

We cannot use Kibana without Elasticsearch. If you want to create dashboards with an opensource system, you can use Grafana instead of Kibana.

We can perform the following operations with Kibana

  • Visualize data by creating statistical reports
  • Creating and Managing Indice
  • Search data in elasticsearch(for example keyword search)
  • Elasticsearch DDL ve DML operations
  • reindex(recreate an elasticsearch indice)
  • Monitoring Elasticsearch Nodes, Indices, Shards
  • Audit

Below you will find articles related to the topics mentioned above.

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Elasticsearch and Kibana Installation

You can use the following articles for Kibana and Elasticsearch installation on Centos 7.

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Sample Kibana Screen

You can go to the following path to learn more about ELK.




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