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CELL-02583: The operation is not permitted on this cell disk

When a new griddisk is created over the celldisk, this error is received in the images before the image version.

This error can occur even if all physical disk, lun, and celldisk states appear even normal. The cause of the error is known as bug 13815708 which is in the images before This problem can be eliminated by upgrading the cell node image to or by the following method.

When trying to create Griddisk, an error is received as follows.

When the file “/opt/oracle/cell11.” on the Cellnode is examined, the following errors are seen. The name of the directory “cell11.” and “exa1cel02” may differ in the product you have.

In this case, you have to “REENABLE” lun, which is the griddisk that is being created.

From the alert.log file, you can see which lun should be reenabled.

In the above error, you should reenable lun 0_2 because of the problem in celldisk named CD_02_exa1cel02. Reenable should be done with the force option. This can be done as follows.

After that, the corresponding griddisk will be created successfully.


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