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Install Elasticsearch on ubuntu server 19.10

You should read the article “Introduction to Central Log Management with Elastic Stack -1” before this article. In this article, we will install elasticsearch on ubuntu server 19.10 with IP. Elasticsearch version will be 6.

First of all, let’s look at the version and ip address of our server;

Check Ubuntu version and IP

Install less package on Ubuntu

Let’s install the less package.

Install Elastichsearch on Ubuntu

Now we can download the repo of elasticsearch 7 to our server and install elasticsearh. Our necessary commands for these are as follows.

Configure elasticsearch.yml

Before running Elasticsearch’s services, let’s define cluster name and node name in elasticsearch in the configuration file.

And let’s specify what IP address the elasticsearch service should run on the server. In addition, we don’t have an elastic cluster, but let’s enter at least one node in the discover.seed_hosts configuration for the elastic service to work.

Enable and Run Elasticsearch

We can now enable and run elasticsearch services.

Our elasticsearch service has now started. Using curl, let’s verify that our elasticsearch service is running and observe that the configurations we made are working correctly.

We successfully installed and run Elasticsearh on our server. In the next article of the series, we will install logstash on server and transfer a dummy data to elasticsearch.

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