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Install Logstash on Ubuntu Server 19.10

In this article, we will install logstash on Ubuntu Server 19.10 server with ip address. Then we will send a dummy data from logstash to elasticsearch running on the server with the IP address, which we have previously installed. Finally, we will check that this data has been successfully indexed on elasticsearch.

The installation of Logstash is quite simple, which is very similar to the elasticsearch installation steps we installed earlier. Let’s start the installation of logstash right away.


First of all, let’s check the version and ip address of the server we are on;

We need java for Logstash to work. Let’s install java jdk now.

Let’s add ELK repo. (Since we made our installations according to 6 versions, pay attention whether you add the correct repo or not.)

Install Logstash on Ubuntu

Now we can install logstash.

Before starting logstash service, let’s manually send a dummy data from logstash to elasticsearch running on port 9200 of 10.250.2221 ip address and observe that this data is indexed in elasticsearch.

Logstash was installed under the logstash /usr/share/logstash directory. Let’s go here manually and check our dummy data send to elasticsearch.

Let’s run the following command by connecting to elasticsearch to see dummy data we sent over logstash is indexed in the logstash index on elasticsearch.

We successfully sent data to elastcisearch manually via logstash. Now we can enable and start logstash services.

In the next article, I will install kibana on ubuntu server and I will show you step by step how to present this dummy data from the web interface to the end user.

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