DB2 license activation

5 Oct by Syed Naveed Raza Tags: , , , , ,

DB2 license activation

How to activate DB2 License, If you purchased a DB2 V10.5, V10.1, V9.8, V9.7, V9.5, V9.1 product then you can obtain license key from Passport Advantage. Starting with DB2 Version 9.1, the license file for DB2 products is shipped separately in a file called the Activation key. Connect with Instance owner (db2inst1) and unzip DB2_ESE_PVU_QS_Activ_10.5.0.5.zip […]
4 Oct by Ian Sampson

The SYSIBM.SYSSTATFEEDBACK table introduced in Db2 for z/OS V11

  IBM introduced a new Db2 table with Db2 for z/OS V11 called SYSIBM.SYSSTATFEEDBACK.  The table verifies if statistics were collected and if the correct statistics were collected. Instead of rehashing the information already covered in the IBM online magazine concerning the new Db2 table SYSIBM.SYSSTATFEEDBACK written by Willie Favero, which you can find here, […]
3 Oct by dbtut

SQL Server Replication Types

  Replication is one of the High Availability solutions. But it is not usually used as a High Availability solution. We would use SQL Server Always On Failover Cluster or Database Mirroring before Always ON Avalability Group as the HA (High Availability) solution. We usually use Replication when a table or tables should be regularly transferred […]
3 Oct by Luis Silva

Monitoring MongoDB Process

  Script to monitor Mongo DB processes across a cluster. [crayon-5c3e74252465a245071537/]   Log file result: [crayon-5c3e742524660774415499/] Note: Requires ssh passwordless login and cluster configuration file.
2 Oct by Shashishekar H A

Implementation of GTID replication using MariaDB

  GTID replication is a simple High Availability solution (HA) offered in MySQL and MariaDB though the implementation technique is unique but compared to MySQL using MariaDB is easy to implement. As we know Replication is the solution where Master’s data is replicated in the Slave server and the Slave server replay the master’s binary […]
2 Oct by Şahap Aşçı

PostgreSQL up-time

  There are countless ways of understanding how long PostgreSQL has been turned on. In this article we will talk about 3 methods.   1)Using SQL: [crayon-5c3e742524f2a785780299/]   2)From Service Definitions: Firstly, we look at the status of the service with the following query. [crayon-5c3e742524f2f902694619/]   3) Using PID: First we take the PID of […]
1 Oct by Mikael HOUNDEGNON

How to Catch Ctrl-C in Shell Script

  To trap Ctrl-C in a shell script, we will need to use the trap shell builtin command. When a user sends a Ctrl-C interrupt signal, the signal SIGINT (Signal number 2) is sent. Let’s see how we can trap this signal in a shell script [crayon-5c3e74252511e243259657/]   First, a function trap_ctrlc () is defined […]