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How To Find Missing Indexes in SQL Server

In the database, especially during the new development phase, indexes are the most important performance providers for us. You should be familiar with the index concept before detecting missing indexes. The article “Index Concept and Performance Effect on SQL Server” will help you.

The following query will be a start for you to detect missing indexes in your database. But running all the index create scripts returned in the query will not be the right solution. The result set is sorted by Impact. So you should start reviewing from the first record.

When I looked at the first index create script in my environment, it suggested an index that has 17 included columns for a table that has 20 column. Of course I didn’t create this index. Because creating this index means almost the same thing with recreating table. In the article I mentioned above, I gave detailed information about which index we should create and which index we should not create.

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