Installation of MySQL Enterprise Monitor

25 Oct by Engr. Mohammad Rizwan Yasin

Installation of MySQL Enterprise Monitor

  MySQL Enterprise Monitor is a tool that register several MySQL Instances and provide complete details i.e. performance graphs and other details for analysis, Costly Queries, Backup, Events & Warnings etc Step By Step Installation of MySQL Enterprise Monitor: A new MySQL Instance install that manage the repository for monitoring   Follow the steps and […]
24 Oct by Engr. Mohammad Rizwan Yasin

MySQL Auditing

  MySQL Community Edition: MySQL Community Edition having feature of auditing but I cannot having feature  filter the users To activate audit log: [crayon-5c6e9a8a00b6d354857690/]   To disable audit log: [crayon-5c6e9a8a00b74238092413/]   You can also do these setting in my.cnf   MySQL Enterprise Edition: MySQL Community Edition having feature of auditing and it have several extended […]
24 Oct by dbtut

How To Change the Size of Redo Log Files

  In order to change the size of the Redolog files, it is necessary to create redolog files of the desired size and drop the existing redolog files. There is no process like Resize. Let’s assume that there are 4 redo log groups. First, we create new files for 4 groups. If the database is […]
24 Oct by dbtut

What is Buffer Pool Extension

  Buffer Pool Extension is a feature that was introduced in SQL Server 2014. With this feature, SQL Server uses the disk we specified for Buffer Pool. (To avoid a performance problem, the disk you specify must be fast. For example, SSD Disk)   So what is Buffer Pool? In SQL Server, data and index […]
23 Oct by Faruk Erdem

Foreign Data Wrapper Between PostgreSQL and MSSQL

  In the article “Postgresql Foreign Data Wrapper“, we created Foreign Data Wrapper to read data between two PostgreSQLs. And we have created Foreing Data Wrapper Between PostgreSQL and Oracle in the article named “PostgreSQL Foreign Data Wrapper Between PostgreSQL and Oracle“. In this article, we will create Foreign Data Wrapper by using tds_fdw extension […]
22 Oct by Faruk Erdem

Postgresql Foreign Data Wrapper

  Postgresql is one of the RDMS databases presented in simple form. Therefore, we need to install the extension to use dblink, Foreign Data Wrapper, and so on. Foreign Data Wrapper allows you to connect to different remote systems and query and write over remote systems. The Foreign Data Wrapper feature is available in version […]
22 Oct by Faruk Erdem

How to List Table Columns and Data Types On Postgresql

  If you don’t use PG ADMIN or any other similar application and you want to see the data type in the columns of the table you created, the command below will help you. You need to connect to postgres to run this command. [crayon-5c6e9a8a01ce3436911171/]   In the example above, we see that we have […]
21 Oct by dbtut

How To Query Transaction Count On Oracle 11gR1 and 11gR2

  A script that you might need during database scaling. Calculation of transaction numbers between two specific dates. This script was tested in 11gR1 and 11gR2. Please test the scripts on your test servers before running them in the production environment. [crayon-5c6e9a8a01e97694478630/]